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Countless Examples of Good

Posted by billh in East Opportunity on Dec 19, 2012 10:31:19 AM

by Bill Hogan


As an avid reader, I have grown to appreciate a place you can consistently find insights from leaders in the industry. As an executive at NetApp, I am unabashedly proud of the company I work for and the people I work with. In this space I will bring you the best of the best as well as some insight as to what makes NetApp a great place to work.


I was born, raised, and remain a New Yorker. Unfortunately, that means my NYC colleagues and I recently witnessed first-hand, the destructive force that was Hurricane Sandy—one of the largest storms to strike the United States. More than 8 million homes and businesses in the Northeast were left without electricity. US damages are estimated at over $63 billion. Up to 250,000 cars were totaled and possibly just as many homes destroyed or damaged. Over 120 people were killed in the storm's rampage through the Northeast. Even a month out it’s still a long way to go for so many just to get anywhere close to their sense of “normalcy.”


But, as with all challenges, there were also countless examples of good.



The willingness of the NetApp family to help those less fortunate never surprises me. I want to express my gratitude and pride at the response of NetApp to this disaster. People's responses to colleagues and communities in need have been heartfelt and are greatly appreciated. All told, more than $20,000 has been raised and that number continues to grow. Many people donated money and supplies, and a few even donated their time, traveling great distances to pitch in. I personally went on runs with some colleagues to deliver supplies like milk and diapers to areas in need. At least nine offices outside of the “affected area” have given generously. Utilizing the VTO program, NetApp employees have responded by offering displaced families a place to live, volunteering countless hours of volunteer time at shelters and helping demolition efforts. It’s truly been inspiring, and thinking about it puts me in the right frame of mind for the holiday season and the start of the New Year.


Following closely on the heels of Sandy, December marked the announcement that for the second consecutive year NetApp has finished #6 in Crain’s New York Business Best Places to Work for 2012! This placing is a testament to everyone giving 110%, always willing to do more than asked and doing whatever necessary to keep the NetApp culture we treasure, alive and well. Equally important is how we take advantage of the unique and life-enriching opportunities NetApp offers.


Our distinguished culture is on display at many of the offices I visit. I am extremely proud that the following NetApp offices all received awards as “Best Places to Work” this year:




#2 Research Triangle Park
#3 Dallas
#4 Chicago
#5 Pittsburgh Tech Center
#6 New York
#7 Washington, D.C.
#10 Minnesota


The recognition for our commitment to the NetApp culture makes us feel good. Who doesn’t like a pat on the back, right? But what it comes down to is the culture is essential to how our offices and the greater organization work as a team. Our number one goal is to compete successfully in our marketplace, and we will be better sales reps, engineers, marketers, business men/women, and so on, when the offices we sit in are healthy and happy.


This blog is a new adventure for me. The East Enterprise team is a varied and dedicated crew that works hard every day to find ways to grow our business, position NetApp at the top of the market (where we know it belongs), and in this space we plan to discuss everything that impacts and affects our team as we strive to be the best at each of our crucial jobs within the whole.


I will contribute monthly to the blog. After quite a few years of sales leadership, I have some valuable tips of dos/don’ts and so on, that I can share. But don’t just expect to find me here—my team makes me and our business the success it is, and it’s from them you will learn and enjoy anecdotes, explanations, tips, and more around all topics NetApp and data storage.


Life has taught me that you can always improve on what you deliver and social media is certainly no exception. I welcome interaction, feedback, and suggestions from you, be it here or you can tweet me @BHoganNYC.