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Right on schedule, the OpenStack Foundation last week announced that the latest release (Havana) has gone live.  Check out the press release here.



As usual the marketing folks at the OpenStack Foundation have done a stellar job packaging the news and lining up some early reviews.  Particularly useful is the slideshare presentation, and the demo video on the Havana web page.  If you want to net out the key new features and milestones represented by the new release – this is must-read material.



Early press commentary includes:



If you’ve been following my Standards Watch blogs about OpenStack over the past year and a half -A Big Year for OpenStack; and NetApp and OpenStack, and OpenStack Ready for Deployment? - you’ll know how impressed I am by the momentum of this initiative.  Of particular note are:

  • the health, robustness and continued growth of the developer community;
  • the ability of the initiative to maintain a predictable 6-month code release cadence while increasing QA coverage;
  • the relentless expansion of the feature set that has taken OpenStack from a science experiment to an infrastructure suitable for production deployment in such a short period of time; and
  • the growing commitment of end-users to the platform.


The Havana release showed significant improvement in each of these areas:

  • Community (Over 910 contributors from 145; a 76% increase from the previous release)
  • Release quality (more than 20,000 patches merged during in the Havana development cycle)
  • Feature set (nearly 400 new features across the platform)
  • User base (users in more than 72 countries and 358 cities, with more users contributing to the code base, including CERN, Comcast, Intel IT, NeCTAR, PayPal,      Shutterstock and Workday)



In the past year I’ve become convinced that OpenStack is the most high-impact open source initiative since the emergence of Linux.  The code base and feature set are rapidly moving from adequate to sophisticated, and the list of companies committing to OpenStack for their cloud infrastructure is becoming quite impressive.  I’m hoping to hear much more on the latest user stories at the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong (November 5-8).



It goes without saying that NetApp views OpenStack as important to our agenda – that’s why we’ve been a regular contributor in the OpenStack community, and why we signed up as a Gold member when the OpenStack Foundation was formed. Check out our booth at the OpenStack Summit for more information on our history of contributions, and our plans for future releases.




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