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Happy 3rd Birthday OpenStack!

Posted by ddale in Standards Watch on Jul 18, 2013 7:30:09 PM


I’ve written three Standards Watch blogs on the topic of OpenStack over the past year: A Big Year for OpenStack; NetApp and OpenStack, and OpenStack – Ready for Deployment? This is my fourth. For me this represents an unusually large amount of copy on a single topic, reflecting the impact (both potential and real) that I feel the initiative is having on the deployment of private and public clouds.




Tomorrow is OpenStack’s 3rd birthday.  See the OpenStack Foundation’s announcement on the birthday celebrations for details.  And my blog post today is simply to wish the initiative a happy 3rd birthday.  The project has come a long way in 3 years, and every member of the developer community is to be congratulated for maintaining their commitment, pace of development and enthusiasm.




NetApp is proud to be an OpenStack Foundation Gold member and an active contributor to the community.




In each of my previous posts I’ve tried to capture my impression on the state of the initiative, with a little detail about the latest functionality and deployment readiness.  Fortunately the OpenStack Foundation created a great birthday slideshare presentation summarizing the initiative’s achievements to date. This is a must-view piece for anyone with even the slightest interest in the cloud.








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