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Just last week, NetApp CTO Jay Kidd published his IT predictions for 2014.  In my opinion, his view of the role of hybrid clouds will have the most impact on Data Protection.  Jay writes “The tension within IT on moving to the cloud will resolve as organizations recognize that a hybrid cloud model is needed to serve their application portfolio. CIOs will sort their application portfolio into those they must control entirely (in on-premise private clouds), control partially (in enterprise public clouds), as well as workloads that are more transient (public hyperscalar clouds), and those best purchased as SaaS.  IT will act as brokers across these diverse cloud models. This will also uncover the need to easily move application data between clouds and to provision consistent storage service capabilities across different cloud models.”


Though Jay doesn’t specifically call it out, Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) will roll right along with the trend to SaaS and hybrid clouds. It’s no secret that with the increase in data, cost for protecting data is a huge burden.  At least one really well known industry analyst recently told me that it’s the #1 issue with IT managers.  And it’s not only the cost of capacity, but of managing all that backed up, replicated, and archived data.  For some data, the public cloud can really help, but most people are not ready to put their entire Data Protection eggs in that basket.  Hence, the value of the hybrid cloud and DPaaS..


NetApp isn’t directly in the DPaaS business, but many service providers are.  Recently, IDC reported that “NetApp is ranked #1 In Storage System Capacity Shipped For Public Cloud Infrastructure”.  Clearly, a LOT of service providers are using NetApp storage, and the Integrated Data Protection that ships with every copy of Data ONTAP as the backbone of their services.  So here’s the punch line.  If you want seamless Data Protection management, what better way is there than using the same tools you use for your NetApp provisioned private cloud?


If Jay is right, and CIOs accelerate their use of hybrid clouds, I expect that 2014 will be a busy one for DPaaS providers.


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