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I'm looking out my window anticipating the onslaught of children in costumes roaming the streets looking for their next sugar kill. With the scent of glucose and chocolate and the rustle of candy wrappers, they will descend upon my neighborhood. Oh, and this year the weather is warm as opposed to snowy or cold and dreary. So, turnout should be good.


My nieces and nephew have already attended a church party where they stocked up on a couple of months worth (or a weeks worth for my niece) of candy. I've witnessed the carnage with wrappers all around the house. The authorities in the home swept in to sieze much of the contraband before  emergency dental appointments were required.


It's a wonderful time of the year and Halloween is just the tease as we enter to the approaching holiday season.


I want to wish you all a fun and safe holiday.


And for the partners that created this picture, thanks for the effort.


Happy Halloween from SANbytes.


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