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Picture this, you are a NetApp storage administrator and you have been using NetApp storage running Data ONTAP 7G or Data ONTAP 8 operating in 7-Mode. Now, you want the benefits of added scalability and nondisruptive operations to be a part of your infrastructure. You look to Data ONTAP 8 storage clustering for the solution. Clustered Data ONTAP (aka Data ONTAP operating in Cluster-Mode) offers all of the goodness of your current NetApp storage, plus the power of unified scale-out storage functionality, such as SAN and NAS protocol access, and no-nonsense data up time, even during typical planned updates and tech refreshes. You’re all in.  And you want it now.


Well, get ready to launch. And the tools to help you come up to speed are available in a new online portal. The Cluster-Mode for the 7-Mode Admin Portal is available today.  This NetApp Support Community is designed for customers, partners, and NetApp storage administrators who are already familiar with Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode but not yet familiar with clustered Data ONTAP. You might even learn a few things if you haven’t yet deployed clustered ONTAP.


In this new community, you can find:


Getting started information: This is your guide through clustered Data ONTAP concepts. It includes introductory videos, NetApp University classes and a few key documents.


Resources: After you understand clustered Data ONTAP basics, you can use these more detailed resources to get yourself up and running:

  • Videos - How-to and introductory information
  • Express Setup Guides - Step-by-step, task-oriented guides for configuring and customizing your system
  • Technical Reports – Selected tech reports that give you a technical overview and cover the most relevant advanced topics
  • NetApp University Courses - Introductory and in-depth courses on installing, configuring, and managing clustered Data ONTAP
  • Command Line Map - Command-for-command comparison of 7-Mode to Cluster-Mode


You can find the portal here:


So, jump on board and become an expert!


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