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Interest in NetApp Data ONTAP Edge has been nothing short of awesome, and continues to increase. Data ONTAP Edge allows organizations to extend the enterprise storage services of their data center to remote and branch offices, as well as space constrained environments where capacity requirements are modest and local IT resources are not available. Data ONTAP Edge is a full version of Data ONTAP, NetApp’s leading storage operating system, deployed in a virtual machine. It is essentially, a NetApp virtual storage appliance and is very powerful. And it even gets better.


Edge-T.pngToday, we are announcing new functionality for Data ONTAP Edge that will be made available through a new product model, Data ONTAP Edge-T. The new functionality includes a SnapMirror license, which allows for bi-directional replication of storage volumes between Data ONTAP Edge and another NetApp storage system, such as a FAS or V-Series. With this new functionality, you can deploy disaster recovery services through the integrated data protection tools available in Data ONTAP.


Also announced today is enhanced support for SnapVault. SnapVault secondary support enables Data ONTAP Edge to be used as a backup target for other NetApp systems, including another instance of Data ONTAP Edge. These enhanced capabilities together allow for greater flexibility to deploy the enterprise data management and protection benefits of NetApp storage solutions throughout your IT environment.


Some of the many use cases for Data ONTAP Edge include:

      1. Remote or Branch offices with limited capacity requirements or IT resources requiring data protection
      2. Space constrained environments where physical storage systems aren’t manageable
      3. Tactical or mobile deployments where data is gathered offsite and later sync’d with central site


You can learn more about some of the innovative ways organizations are deploying Data ONTAP Edge here.


Feel free to “kick the tires” of Data ONTAP Edge, and even experience how a FAS system operates, by trying out an evaluation copy of Data ONTAP Edge-T.

And share with us how deploying Data ONTAP Edge can enhance your business operations.


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