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I work for a company that changes lives

Posted by manup in Reflections on Sep 20, 2013 2:47:20 AM

I work for a company that changes lives

This is a pretty strong statement and I am proud that everybody at NetApp is working towards achieving this goal. Let me explain what it means with the help of a couple of real life stories that Jay Kidd told in NetApp’s all hands meeting a few months back.


Lynn Marshman worked for a bank; she was responsible for storage provisioning. The bank was going through a massive tech-refresh that included a huge data migration. This migration required downtimes because of which the work had to be done on the weekends. Lynn worked EVERY weekend for 6 months straight. She came home one Sunday night and found a note on the table from her husband that said


“I am tired of you not being home, I need to move on with my life, I am leaving”


Her marriage was over just like that.


There is another story of Dennis who worked for a telecom company as a storage admin and was responsible for migration of the exchange data. The migration completed successfully, but when the users started coming in on Monday morning, they couldn't access their emails. The exchange was down for 4 days. Dennis worked around the clock for 4 days for something that wasn't even his fault; think about it, working for 96 hours without a break.

After finishing everything when he came home, his wife was standing at the door holding their child and told him that she didn't sign up for this life and that he had to choose between his wife and the job, so he quit.


We often talk about the value a storage solution can bring to the business, but we tend to ignore the human side of it which is extremely important.


Imagine if Lynn and Dennis had access to this technology and could perform the maintenance activities non-disruptively, they won’t have had to choose between their jobs and their families.


That’s the value clustered ONTAP brings in.


According to a survey conducted by Infopro almost half of all the organizations surveyed conducted 50 storage migrations annually; this means that somebody ends up working 50 out of 52 weekends in a year assuming that all these migrations go smoothly.


Non-Disruptive Operations should be a requirement and not a luxury that the IT admins should enjoy because that impacts their quality of life.


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