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NetApp empowers the customers and partners

Posted by manup in Reflections on Feb 28, 2013 10:44:17 PM

NetApp Support Tools are one of the well-kept secrets in the industry. I am not sure if we have created enough noise around these great tools, so here we go. I’ll be talking about MyAutoSupport and SmartSolve in this blog; they are primarily the customer support tools.



Autosupport and MyASUP are the support enablers that give the customers an industry leading system management experience.  MyASUP extract its reports from the Autosupport information and enables the customers to extract the following: -


  1. Storage efficiency report
  2. Health check – Using this, you can fix the risks before they become real issues. Sit back and think about it; you can fix the problems before they occur.
  3. Upgrade – An official NetApp Upgrade plan to meet your system upgrade requirements. No manual intervention required from NetApp.
  4. Performance Monitoring
  5. A holistic dashboard to view the level of fitness of your installbase.



NetApp wants to empower its customers and partners and that is evident from the amount of information shared in these tools and also from the fact that the internal and external view are exactly the same, so the information visible to NetApp Tech-Support Engineers is the same that is visible to the customers.


Storage efficiency has been a part of NetApp’s story for quite some time and now the customers have a way to report it in terms of $$$$ as long as you know your cost per GB






SmartSolve is available to the partners to manage the support cases for their customers; they can troubleshoot the problem using the autosupport view and also query NetApp’s bug database. This tool is being used by the tech-support engineers to work the technical cases, which means potentially the partners have the capability to troubleshoot the problems the way our TSEs do. Here is a snapshot from the tool.



Let me say this again, NetApp wants to empower its customers and partners. Take advantage!


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