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What does Agile Data Infrastructure mean to me?

Posted by manup in Reflections on Sep 3, 2012 12:06:28 AM

NetApp keeps talking about something called “Agile Data Infrastructure”, what does it really mean to the people who matter the most i.e. the engineers/admins?


A lot of admins hate their vendors because they make them work over the weekends; the changes are disruptive and to keep the business running, they have to take the time away from their families and come to work to perform the change.


While the cost and the technology are really big considerations for the customers; a stress free life is what we strive to achieve as human beings and this is what Agile Data Infrastructure can bring to your organization. Like Samsung would say, “Designed for humans” J


So, how does it work?


This uses NetApp’s clustering capabilities and Data ONTAP (the industry leading storage operating system) as the backbone.

Storage efficiency has been a part of NetApp’s story for quite some time and the first aspect of the Agile data infrastructure pretty much talks about that. Data ONTAP aligns the system’s resources in a way that the priority jobs get done faster without impacting the other jobs (regardless of the priority), hence the word intelligent. Also, with OnCommand Management Software and reporting tools like MyASUP, you need less people to manage the systems.

A very important aspect of being agile is flexibility. Data ONTAP 8.1.1 allows you to grow a volume up to 20PB; this is a single volume containing multiple flexvols on a Vserver to be hosted on 5 HA pairs (10 nodes), hence Infinite.


Another important aspect is being Immortal i.e. don’t die whatever happens. In more sophisticated words, having the freedom of doing upgrades and maintenance on any system without impacting the user access is the need of the hour and C-mode allows you to do that.


Data is becoming like an infrastructure just like electricity. Imagine a power cut on a hot day in summer, that’s how the users feel when they don’t get the data they need. Data is also getting more and more personal and the IT infrastructure needs to respect that, the data loss is not just work loss anymore, it’s also a loss at the human emotional level (imagine losing all the pictures of your baby). With the 3 I’s NetApp helps you make your data available at all times.


Mike talks about this in much more detail here: -


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