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Posted by Generosa Litton, Database Solutions Marketing Manager.  Twitter: GNetApp

I was recently at a customer briefing with my colleague, Oracle Database guru, Steve Schuettinger, where we had a very lengthy discussion about preventing data corruptions from causing unplanned downtime.  If you were around in April 2002, you probably recall the outage that eBay suffered

which made headlines worldwide.  Corrupted data in the Oracle database caused the outage which lead Oracle to create the HARD initiative

.  NetApp’s SnapValidator for Oracle

is our implementation of the Oracle HARD initiative and it’s worth exploring.  For one, it’s part of Data ONTAP so you just need to “turn it on.”  Secondly, it safeguards against Oracle data corruption and reduces the risk for unplanned downtime.  Since most of us get vaccinated to protect against the flu, why not use SnapValidator for Oracle to protect against data corruption? An ounce of prevention can keep corrupted Oracle database blocks from bringing down your system.  What are you using to reduce the risk of Oracle data corruption?