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fusion-io.pngBy Tyler Smith, Vice-President of Alliances and Field Marketing, Fusion-io


When applications are underperforming—in either virtual or non-virtual environments—there’s a simple solution that reduces latency and improves server throughput: server caching. Adding flash memory to the server as a cache can boost the performance of databases and other applications. Server caching also keeps costs down by working with your existing storage and network infrastructure.


In a NetApp environment, server caching provides dramatic application performance. Caching allows enterprises to balance performance and data management resources, while reducing overall costs. And because of NetApp's superior storage architecture, caching reads improves back-end storage performance as well.


In a virtualization environment, server caching from NetApp and Fusion-io, allows you to:

  • Support more VMs per physical host
  • Reduce the cost per VM
  • Virtualize more applications
  • Reduce hardware costs per application
  • Reduce time to provision new requirements
  • Improve SLAQ metrics for existing VMs
  • Create performance and capacity tiers within your ESX environment


In both virtualized and non-virtualized environments, server caching also enables you to

  • Reduce SAN I/O workload
  • Achieve more efficient writes
  • Extend the capability of an array to support more applications
  • Reduce application latency

We’re committed to enabling enterprises to accelerate the applications that drive business decisions, and we are thrilled to be NetApp’s strategic server cache technology partner. NetApp and its channel partners resell ioTurbine for virtualized environments, and directCache for non-virtualized, physical environments. NetApp's expanded portfolio of flash products, coupled with Fusion ioMemory hardware and server caching software, enables customers to maximize performance and application response times across the entire datacenter.

In our real-time world, everyone demands instant responses. No one wants to wait. Learn more about our joint solutions with NetApp and find out how flash and caching solutions can help your organization. 


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