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As NetApp continued to grow as a company and its employee size doubled, Tom Mendoza wanted to make sure people still knew how much he appreciated their efforts and decided to start something that he calls “Catch Someone Doing Something Right.” It’s a simple concept but one that most people are amazed by. Each day, Tom makes 10-20 calls to employees across the company to either congratulate them on a job well done or give encouragement during difficult times. Join us today to find out more!



NetApp in the News, 7/30/12

Posted by NETAPP_360 Jul 30, 2012

Every Monday we bring you top stories featuring NetApp that you may have missed from the previous week. Let us know what interests you by commenting below.



NetApp talks private cloud IT Canada

How do you go faster, but spend less at the same time? NetApp's Phil Brotherton sits down with IT in Canada to talk virtualization vs. private cloud and more.


NetApp to bring over 400 additional jobs to RTPABC 11 News

NetApp will add over 400 new technology jobs focused on innovation to Research Triangle Park over the next four years.


IT Chief Heals Growing Pains At Expanding SMBInformationWeek

VP of IT at Digital Insurance, Bob Schoen, shares strategies that he has used for healing growing pains at an expanding SMB.



With the looming economic uncertainty, companies face significant challenges due to increased costs and pressure to increase profits. However, midsize enterprises are continuously looking for ways to seize opportunities for growth and increased efficiencies. The current economic environment actually favors smaller, more agile and innovative businesses.


Midsize enterprises will be looking to service providers to help them take advantage of what the cloud can bring, delivering enterprise level capabilities that MSEs never had access to before.

NetApp Cloud.jpg


Join Gary Hocking, CTO of Service Providers, and Mike Slisinger, Global Cloud Architect, NetApp for a live Q&A discussion on cloud services for midsize enterprises on Tuesday July 31 from 12:30-1:30pm Pacific. You can follow the conversations on Twitter via #MidsizeCloud hashtag.


The online discussion welcomes media, cloud analysts, midsize businesses and channel partners to tweet questions and share their experiences pertaining to clouds. Anyone can take part in the conversation on Twitter by using #midsizecloud hashtag or sending an @reply to @publiccloudguy and @slisinger.


If you didn't catch us live, you can see the full conversation recap here.



IMG_9903.jpgIt’s an exciting time here at NetApp RTP! At an event on our campus on Monday, July 23rd, Governor Bev Perdue and the State of North Carolina announced that the Economic Investment Committee has awarded NetApp a Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG). For a company whose culture is focused on innovation this is big news. Over the course of the next four years the JDIG will help us expand our presence in Research Triangle Park with a new R&D facility and will allow us to create over 400 new jobs in Wake County! 


As part of the R&D facility, the JDIG will allow NetApp to invest in a new state-of-the-art dynamic data center. R&D efforts within the data center will leverage the latest virtualization solutions to build a private cloud environment to provide virtual access for NetApp engineering labs around the world. It will also serve as a model for customers interested in building energy-efficient dynamic data centers, cloud environments, and agile data infrastructures with the number one operating system in the industry for their enterprise users.


We are honored to be receiving the JDIG, and to have Governor Perdue visit our campus to talk about the talented workforce here in North Carolina and how projects like the new R&D facility are fueling innovation and driving businesses forward. And since the new facility will support global R&D, we are excited to be part of helping customers go further, faster worldwide.


Thank you Governor Perdue and the State of North Carolina for helping NetApp be one of the best companies to do business with in the world!

Interns2.pngNetApp’s Summer Internship Program is not only a fantastic opportunity to tackle real world challenges, but it also allows students to gain insight into our unique company culture. We take great pride in providing a program that is rich in learning but also a lot of fun! In North America, we have interns at Headquarters in Sunnyvale, Wichita, Boulder, Pittsburgh, Waltham, and Raleigh. They are also sprinkled across the country in Field Sales Sites. This year, we have over 200 interns participating in the Summer Internship Program.


One of the highlights of the program is our Executive Speaker Series. We have most of the CEO’s exec staff present to the interns throughout the summer. They even get to hear from CEO, Tom Georgens. Each exec leaves time for an engaging Q&A session. It’s a great opportunity for the students to learn best practices as they pursue their careers, and gives insight into the day to day life of an executive.


The Summer Internship program also leaves room for a lot of fun activities, including beer bashes, volunteer events, social outings and sports leagues. This year’s offsite event was a competitive scavenger hunt! Teams battled on the streets of San Francisco, Wichita, Boulder, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh. The winning teams not only got bragging rights, but also a trophy to take back to the office.


We wrap up every summer with our Intern Showcase events. The Intern Showcase gives students the opportunity to highlight what they have accomplished during the summer. The format for the showcase is similar to a career or science fair. Each intern has their own space to be creative and share their summer’s work. We invite the entire site population to these events. It’s a great way to involve everyone and bring light to the wonderful work our summer interns do.  At headquarters, the interns have the added benefit of an executive only session which includes the CEO. Tom spends a total of 6 hours meeting each intern and hearing their project summary. This is just one example of the support our leadership team has for the program.



An Intern's Perspective: from Matthew Thomas0a1fcc9.jpg


I am currently in my second internship with NetApp, and I can say without a doubt that I have loved every minute of my intern experience. Most times, when I think “Internship”, I picture the horror stories of young college students working in a filing room, taking notes during meetings, or perfecting the art of making someone else’s coffee. However, my time with NetApp has been anything but menial.


Last summer, my time was spent on the East Coast, working primarily out of New Jersey and New York City. It was my first internship and I was extremely nervous to say the least. However, my nerves quickly settled once I started working. By the end of the first day, most of the office had stopped by to introduce themselves and get to know me. By the end of the first week, I felt completely at home in my new, spacious cube. Like I said, it was my first internship. I spent my summer helping to reorganize corporate healthcare verticals and assisting with different marketing events. In the end, I walked away with awesome work experience and a new found love for data storage.


When the time came around to apply for internships this year, NetApp was once again at the top of my list. This time, however, I was thinking broader: I wanted to work in California. Luckily for me, the Notre Dame career fair gave me a chance to do just that. I was hired for a 12 week social media internship, tasked with creating and managing social media training videos. To top it all off, I got an even bigger cube this year.


In all seriousness, I cannot thank the University Relations Team enough for everything that they do to make intern living as enjoyable as possible. The moment I turned my resume over to the campus recruiter they were there to help me with any questions or concerns I had, despite the fact that I hadn’t even been hired yet. They also did an amazing job organizing all of the intern events. Our speaker series events with the NetApp executives are incredibly inspirational, and the Go-Game in San Francisco was an absolute blast. I would go into details about the Go-Game, but why ruin the suspense for future interns?


Looking back on my past two summers, there is one thing I can say for sure: time flies. As I am sitting here writing this, I can’t believe I have already been in Sunnyvale for 8 weeks. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone in the office, especially the people on my team. They are the reason I enjoy coming to work every day, and it is because of their guidance and support that I have continued to succeed at NetApp.


If there is one piece of advice I can give to future interns, it is to make the most of your time here while it lasts. The summer will go quicker than you think.


NetApp in the News, 7/23/12

Posted by NETAPP_360 Jul 23, 2012

Every Monday we bring you top stories featuring NetApp that you may have missed from the previous week. Let us know what interests you by commenting below.


A Customer’s Blog Says It All: Don’t Compromise. Virtualize…and MoreVMware

George Reed, CIO of Seven Corners, discusses how virtualization can help small-midsize companies to simplify their infrastructure and move forward.


Disaster Recovery in the Age of VirtualizationSilicon Angle

Vivum Care Group replaces its disaster recovery (DR) software with VirtualSharp’s ReliableDR, hosted on VMware vSphere using NetApp storage, to lower infrastructure cost and increase agility.


Best Legal Departments 2012: Best of the recognizes NetApp for having one of the best legal departments in 2012.



This post was originally published on TomTALKS.


Continuing with our six part series on the five key attributes of NetApp’s culture, Tom talks about the one that resonates most with middle tier management in companies – candor. Join Tom as he tells us why it’s important to tell the truth at the moment it counts.



NetApp in the News, 7/16/12

Posted by NETAPP_360 Jul 16, 2012

Every Monday, keep your eyes peeled for our recap of key NetApp media mentions from the previous week.


Video: Amy Love, NetAppPRWeek

Amy Love, VP of Brand and Communications and acting CMO of NetApp, speaks with PRWeek news editor Frank Washkuch on how the tech company leverages global resources in communications.


Founder Hitz talks NetApp strategy for clustering, convergenceSearchStorage

SearchStorage’s Dave Raffo catches up with Dave Hitz to talk about NetApp storage strategy and industry trends, including clustering and convergence.


Nearly 14 Million New Jobs by 2015: The Cloud Has a Silver Lining in a Stormy EconomyForbes

Even in a down economy, there’s hope for those willing to dig into data. NetApp’s Matt Butter spotlights the millions of jobs being created as a result of the flourishing cloud computing and storage market.



During the evening following my third day of employment at NetApp, I had the pleasure of attending NetApp’s T.O.A.S.T. orientation program. I was seated at a table with fellow employees from around the country and around the world. My tablemates and I bonded while trying to absorb the deluge of information presented by NetApp executives. In my former life, I attended many company events and presentations, most of which lacked authenticity, transparency, and personality. The T.O.A.S.T. session was the complete opposite. 


What Is T.O.A.S.T.?


The official description of T.O.A.S.T., NetApp’s “Training on All Special Things,” is a unique new-hire orientation program. New employees spend the day with CEO Tom Georgens and his leadership team and hear about our culture, values, business strategy, and history. Employees also have dinner with Tom and his team and engage in a Q&A session in which all questions are encouraged. Our leaders believe it is critical to our business success that employees hear from them directly and learn about what makes NetApp special.


My Experience at T.O.A.S.T.

Prior to joining NetApp, I was overwhelmed by (and a bit skeptical of) the number of accolades the company receives for its corporate culture. At T.O.A.S.T. it became clear that the consistent recognition of NetApp's culture is the real deal. Not only did each executive speak about the culture at NetApp, but he or she demonstrated it in presentations. It was clear to me that NetApp's culture is nurtured, cultivated, and supported not only by the employees but also by the entire executive team.


By the end of the evening my brain was overflowing with information about NetApp: the company's past, culture, operations, and future. I thank the executive team for taking the time (and having the endurance!) to speak to all of the new employees, no matter what their level or role. At the end of the night I was very happy with my decision to join NetApp and excited about the adventure ahead.

Welcome to NetApp 360! Why don’t we start with telling our readers a bit about you and your company?


My name is Scott Milne I’m the Chief Information Officer for the Clayton Companies, comprised of Clayton Concrete, Clayton Block, and Clayton Sand. Since the early 1950's the Clayton Companies have been innovative leaders in the Concrete and Masonry industry. We’re committed to providing the best building materials and customer service in the industry, helping to insure our customers’ projects are successful. 


Can you tell us a bit about Clayton Companies’ IT infrastructure and the choices that you made?


24138_109457875761459_8344586_n.jpgHaving been a happy NetApp customer for close to five years we were recently asked to re-examine our storage infrastructure and consider implementing alternatives from competing vendors as part of our due diligence in the decision making process. Simply put, we needed to determine if there was a more economical way to proceed with a much needed refresh.


I contacted our NetApp Sales Rep and explained that we needed a NetApp vs. “other” mid tier storage products education. Our Sales Rep quickly put together several very informative meetings with our reseller where we learned that in our market area there really wasn’t comparable products to what we already had with NetApp in a single box solution.


As part of our discovery process we were required to, and did meet with whom we felt was the other major competitive player in the mid-tier storage market. These meetings confirmed we had already made the best choice with NetApp long ago.


After careful evaluation, we realized that other vendors would require four or more different products to accomplish what NetApp was currently doing at the time with a single product. In consideration of the extra datacenter space needed, additional cooling, battery backup capacity -- and most of all, a need to learn several other product lines to be fully competent in the proper management, it was decided that we would be compromising on too many fronts to move away from what had proven to be a great partner over the years. We decided to refresh with the new FAS3240’s and a FAS2240 for our DR location, in the end, not compromising just gaining features and even better GUI integration via NetApp OnCommand.


The longevity of our first NetApp solution designed by Voyant Strategies, Inc, a NetApp partner, has been crucial to our business, proving itself time and again when called upon. The confidence gained with our original NetApp purchase made the decision to contact Voyant Strategies for a refresh a no-brainer.  I can’t say how happy I am with the new purchase. The performance is awesome; the learning curve was “zero”.


Since our IT department consists of only three people, we require a system that’s robust, simple to understand and manage. NetApp has been the perfect solution for us. We were able to leverage the knowledge we already invested in for our current system when moving to a new technologies without needing to change our storage solution, learn a new management tool or increase the size of our data center. This can’t be said with any other vendor solution.


What tangible business benefits has your company received?


In October 2011, we completed the deployment of our enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Utilizing NetApp FlexVol, Snapshot, SnapManager and SnapMirror we estimate that the deployment was accomplished at least four months faster than it would have been with another storage vendor saving the company approximately $150,000 - $200,000 a month in the busiest months of the project. 


The first question asked by management when the new ERP solution was proposed was the impact it would have on staff and hiring requirements.  NetApp efficiencies have helped us avoid any staff increases and maintain a very small IT team, with only one person needed to manage the storage needs for close to 700 employees while doing many other tasks. In addition, management of the NetApp storage solution is so easy that I can access the system to expand a Volume or a LUN in less than a minute via my iPhone with NetApp OnCommand. Believe me when I tell you, the need to expand things on the fly happens often when you’re building an ERP system!


What advice would you offer other CIO’s in the mid-market?


It’s been my experience that most CIO’s are concerned with two things: cost efficiency and the ability to quickly backup and restore. Our NetApp storage environment is about 30TB and growing very rapidly. With NetApp, we have been able to cost-effectively and safely manage our data so the company can focus on providing the best services to our customers. My advice for CIO’s is to take a look at what NetApp can offer: ease of management, data protection and enterprise level technology at a midmarket price point.


Scott Milne is the Chief Information Officer at Clayton Companies and has been in this position since 2007. Prior to working at Clayton Companies, he was the CEO at APV Electronics. You can connect with Clayton Companies via Facebook:

Every Monday, keep your eyes peeled for our recap of key NetApp media mentions from the previous week.


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From Boring to Personal: Challenges of Data ManagementMIS Asia

Dave Hitz sits down with Zafar Anjum to tlak about how the challenges of evolving data management gives NetApp plenty of room to innovate.


NetApp Tackles Huge IO Storage Requirements for #1 Sequoia SupercomputerInsideHPC

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NetApp Focuses on Value Channel StrategyChannelnomics

Julie Parrish, SVP of Global Partner Sales, describes how NetApp is working closely with partners to capitalize on data center, storage and cloud opportunities, especially in the midmarket enterprise segment.



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