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TechEd is in full swing and attendees are loving the NetApp T-Shirts!  Yesterday was a big day for us at the show, lots of great discussions with attendees just learning about NetApp and deep discussions with customers that want to do more with our technology. My focus at NetApp is all things SharePoint and just yesterday I talked with customers that range from 70GB to 1PB in content and how they are using SnapManager 6.1 for Microsoft SharePoint Server (SMSP) to manage their environments. A major goal for our demonstration at TechEd was to create as much of a real-world SharePoint farm that when doing demonstrations would really showcase how SMSP provides data management for SharePoint. The diagram illustrates the environment I built for the show, wherever  you see the gears graphic that is where SMSP has a component installed  that handles managing SharePoint components and data.



The SharePoint environment that was built for TechEd would work for many businesses without modification to handle both volume of data and concurrency. But regardless of how great any SharePoint taxonomy is the most important question to answer is "How fast can I get something I deleted back?" Well that's all about RPO, RTO and RLO. Every organization wants SharePoint or any content back now! and honestly it can be done with the out-of-the-box Backup & Restore with SharePoint Central Administration but meting your RPO, RTO, and RLO goals is difficult. I'm sure that you understand RPO and RTO but there is a new (old) acronym RLO and may be asking what the heck is that????? Well RLO which many people do not ask about is Recovery Level Objective, which for most organizations is even more key than RPO/RTO. RLO is important because it is all about what level do you recover SharePoint at the Item level.


With SnapManager for SharePoint we provide all recovery objectives because of Data ONTAP and our ability to take snapshots. For example I recently worked on a customer proof-of-concept with 3TB of content which was ~3M items and to take a backup it took just minutes vs hours. SharePoint in all honesty is a "non-down-system" which means active content is 24x7 so having the ability to backup content without causing disruption to end users is paramount. I should mention that the system we built for TechEd is all based on Data ONTAP 8.1 Cluster-Mode and provides many more options for Non-Disruptive Operations (NDO) to ensure no downtime.


One of the key features of SharePoint is search and that is probably one of the services that no down time is demanded. One of the key investments we made in SMSP 6.1 was the ability to backup and restore FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 so that organizations would not every experience issues with being able to query content to be productive. The following video illustrates how we support the ability to backup and restore FAST.


SharePoint is a complex product when it comes to ensuring backup and recovery with all of the different implementation strategies and SMSP can help manage the variety of environments. I encourage those attending to stop by the booth to learn more and also to just get connected with NetApp team members.


Besides our SharePoint solution being so cool be sure to stop by to the booth to check out our VDI boot storm demonstration, how to manage Microsoft Exchange, our Private Cloud offering and my personal favorite the work we have done with ODX.





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