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NetApp SnapManager 5.2 for SQL Server (SMSQL) is now available for download from the NOW site. Along with the software availability we have new content available under the Product section of the NetApp web site as well as an updated Best Practices Guide for SMSQL.

SnapManager 5.2 for Microsoft SQL Server introduces the following new features:

Enterprise monitoring and reporting: Enterprise monitoring and reporting enables you to report the status of backup, verification, and clone operations by sending application event log or email notifications periodically, with fixed intervals.

Up-to-the-minute backup retention management: Configuring the amount of transaction log backups your system retains enables you to balance up-to-the-minute restore needs with storage efficiency.

Clone database lifecycles: A cloned database lifecycle comprises automatic, scheduled cloned database resynchronization and deletion.

Federated full backup: You can use Snapshot™ copy-based full database backup to back up databases from different instances or different servers at the same time. You can add databases from multiple servers and multiple instances to the same federated group. Backing up a federated group backs up all databases in that group at the same time.

Federated transaction log backup: Federated transaction log backup enables you to set marks on transaction logs of all databases in a federated backup group at the same time before backing up transaction logs from instances distributed between multiple servers.

Restore to mark: Restore to marked transaction operations enable you to restore a database to a marked transaction. Using the marks created on a federated transaction log backup, you can restore databases to the same marked transaction across multiple databases for a synchronous restoration.

Cluster-Mode support: SnapManager 5.2 for SQL Server with SnapDrive 6.4 for Windows supports Cluster-Mode configurations.


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