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Author - Santhosh Harihara Rao

              Reference Architect - Virtualization and Cloud Computing


Could you use  SCOM  to monitor SnapManager specific tasks like backing up a SQL database using SnapManager for SQL (SMSQL) or restoring a specific virtual machine using SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV), or a LUN management task in SnapDrive? These applications log such events in the Windows event viewer. By porting then to SCOM , it would save you the trouble of logging on the host every now and then to check the status of your backup task. We usually tend to schedule backups and leave them. But what if your SMSQL backup job had failed over the last few days and had left a trail of events in the event viewer..and you havent seen them yet?…SCOM can monitor and alert admins about NetApp backup applications it a failed backup job in SMHV or just a  SnapDrive service restart. Here’s how :


Step 1

Logon to SCOM. Open the Authoring Pane and select Monitors > Createa Monitor > Unit Monitor



Step 2

Go to Windows Events> Simple event detection and choose Manual Reset. Here choose the default management pack.




Step 3


Type the name for the Monitor. I am calling it SnapDrive – service restart since I intend to generate an alert when SnapDrive service is restarted. Under “Monitoring Target” I select “Windows Server 2008 R2 Full OperatingSystem”. This is because I have installed SnapDrive for Windows on a Windows 2008 R2 host.




Now click Next and select the “Log Name” where your application writes“event logs”. The SnapManager suiteof products and SnapDrive for Windows writes event in Application Log.Therefore choose “Application




Step 5

This is the window where you enter all possible event IDs you would want SCOM to monitor. The SnapDrive service restart event creates the event ID 100 in the Windows application log. Hence we enter this value here.

Unfortunately, SCOM doesn’t provide a way to upload allevent IDs that you wish to monitor at the same time. So, we need to click on“Insert” and add the event ID  one at a time.




Step 6

Now we need to “Configure Health Conditions” so if “Event is raised”then the status is “Warning”otherwise it is “Healthy”. Now clickon “Next




Step 7

We need an alert when this event is generated. Click on “Generate Alerts for this Monitor”check box

Select “information” under the Severity option and click on Create.




Step  8

Verify that this event is monitored under the target “Windows 2008 R2 Full operating System”




Step 9  Testing time

Generate the alert using Logevent.exe (Windows eventlogging utility) . This creates a test alert in Windows Application Log. Clickon the Alerts pane and verify thatthe SnapDrive restart event alert has been generated and is categorized as Severity type - information




Step 10 : Receive e-mail alerts by subscribing to thisevent

Select NewSubscriptions by right clicking on Administration> Notifications > Subscriptions. Complete the wizard by entering SMTP details. This will generate email notifications to the events you have subscribed.



In this way, you can monitor any event generated by SnapDrive for Windows, SnapManager for SQL, SnapManager for SharePoint SnapManager for Exchange and SnapManager for Hyper-V amongst others in SCOM.


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