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<span style="line-height: 115%; font-family: &#39;Arial&#39;,&#39;sans-serif&#39;; font-size: 10pt;"> John Fullbright – Business Application Lead, NetApp Professional Services <o:p></o:p></span>

Six months to the day after announcing our 3-year strategic alliance with Microsoft we

highlightedcontinued integration with System Center to streamline and automate data center management. Today's announcement focuses on how we've tightly integrated NetApp technology into the Microsoft Management Framework, NetApp rapid provisioning and automated failover PowerShell cmdlets for the Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit, and a newData ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit.

PowerShell, now there’s something. Anyone who works with Microsoft technologies has likely been exposed to PowerShell. It’s the glue that binds. PowerShell is an object oriented scripting shell that lets you leverage .Net objects in your scripts. You use it to manage everything from Windows to Exchange to SQL Server to Hyper-V environments. Now, that management has been extended to NetApp storage.



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