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Friea Berg, Manager - Virtualization Solutions Marketing<br />

Dealing with space and power constraints can be challenging, especially when your datacenter resides in a 1917 building. Earlier today Luther Allin, the IT Manager and primary storage architect for law firm Miller & Martin PLLC, joined a live webcast to discuss how his team is using virtualization to address these and other issues. 

It was cool to hear his feedback on Microsoft's virtualization solution and the benefits he's seen as a result of implimenting it on NetApp storage. He’s cut power consumption 33%, for example, which was critical since the panel feeding power to his server room had been completely maxed out. Other benefits include: 

    • Server footprint reduced 66%

    • Space savings cut up to 50%

    • Reduced planned/unplanned downtime

Below is an overview of Miller & Martin's virtual environment.



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