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I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Robert Reiss from CEO Forum. I discuss the power of driving Corporate Culture through Leadership.


















Tom Mendoza, NetApp Vice Chairman, sits down to talk about the importance of Sales people in today’s connected environment. He believes they are more important than ever before.


Join NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, as he gives leaders advice on how to role model the behaviors they need and expect from their own employees in order to have the time to get things done.


Join Tom as he discusses how to shake things up and create the big opportunity in the minds of employees to avoid complacency setting in.



Is leadership for you?

Posted by tmendoza Feb 12, 2013

Would you rather give a plaque or receive one? Join NetApp Vice Chairmen, Tom Mendoza, as he asks this question and many more to find out if you have what it takes to become a successful leader.



The Art of Public Speaking

Posted by tmendoza Jan 15, 2013

Tom Mendoza speaks globally on culture and leadership. In his latest blog post he gives his own personal tips and tricks on how to become a better public speaker.


Hear from NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, on how NetApp employees are given the opportunity to give back to great causes  and their communities, making NetApp a great place to work.




Tom Mendoza talks about the honor of being ranked for the second year in a row at #3 on the Great Place to Work Institute’s “World’s Best Multinational Companies to Work for” list.


Join NetApp's Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, as he illustrates how NetApp's innovative volunteer-based Guiding Coalition helps accelerate change leadership and foster innovation.

Join Tom Mendoza as he talks about the importance of taking risks in life, how to reward those who attack risk with passion and why you must overcome the fear of failure to achieve greatness.


NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, creates three professional and three personal goals for himself. Find out why he gives himself 90 days to complete them and what led him to start doing this in the first place.


Join NetApp’s Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, as he talks about keeping a positive attitude and gaining perspective from his work with the Pat Tillman Foundation. He’ll share some of the stories that touched him while working with the foundation to select veterans to receive college scholarships.



What do Shimon Peres, Warren Buffett and Sidney Poitier have in common? Join NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, as he talks about embracing change in your life – the fourth element that makes NetApp’s  culture so unique.



Leadership vs. Management

Posted by tmendoza Aug 8, 2012

You manage things and you lead people – this is at the heart of Tom’s view on leadership vs. management. Join us to hear more.


As NetApp continued to grow as a company and its employee size doubled, Tom Mendoza wanted to make sure people still knew how much he appreciated their efforts and decided to start something that he calls “Catch Someone Doing Something Right.” It’s a simple concept but one that most people are amazed by. Each day, Tom makes 10-20 calls to employees across the company to either congratulate them on a job well done or give encouragement during difficult times. Join us today to find out more!