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OSB Epic graphic.pngAround the time I started university I remember seeing adverts everywhere in the UK that simply said ‘the future’s bright, the future’s Orange’. No indication of what on earth it was about. But it stuck in my mind. And it turned into one of the most iconic taglines. Even now anyone in the UK [over a certain age] would know it. At that time, Orange brought their innovation into the fledgling UK mobile market with impressive results. In 2010, nearly 20 years on [that dates me!], Orange Business Services, the business services arm of Orange, saw the emerging market for cloud computing was ripe for similar disruption.



Orange Business Services launched their innovative Flexible Computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions:

  • Flexible Computing Express – an on-demand cloud solution, meaning you can instantly and securely manage your virtual infrastructure from anywhere, at any time.
  • Flexible Computing Premium – a more bespoke and comprehensive catalogue of virtualized IT components and service management.



Given Orange Business Services has the world’s largest data network, operates in 220 countries and serves more than 2 million businesses, it’s not surprising some of the biggest multi-national organisations are taking advantage of these services today. They include Tiens Group, GFI Software, Exaegis and a global luxury goods company.  This is not some emerging service either, Orange expects revenue of €500m by 2015 from cloud services. Predictable, secure cloud computing at a global scale.



So what does Flexible Computing give you that on-premise IT doesn’t? Answer - quite a lot. You can self-provision infrastructure remotely and only pay for what you use each day. You can select the service level appropriate for your need – across compute, network and storage. Provisioning is automated from a shared pool, meaning you don’t need to waste money by over-provisioning or worry about running out of resources. Finally, you can view real-time and historical usage reports, meaning you know exactly what you’re paying for and what is really being used.  And as a result, with cloud computing solutions as advanced as this, you can launch innovation fast without the need for huge amounts of capital and long IT procurement projects. You can make smarter decisions about how you apply IT to business problems.



I am very proud that Orange Business Services chose to work with NetApp and build their Flexible Computing services with NetApp Data ONTAP and over 35,000 Terabytes of our storage! And that they have partnered with us to be able to share their success. I look forward to more people understanding the power or our global partnership in the market for cloud computing services. We are starting this week at VMworld Europe in Barcelona, look forward to meeting you if you’re planning to be here.



For more details of the story, see here.

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