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NetApp stand at Cisco Live 2013.jpgPrivate Cloud summit at Cisco Live.jpgI worked for 76hrs last week*. Not good. Main reason was the huge interest in our expanded strategic partnership with Cisco & their flagship European event – Cisco Live in London. The other was presenting at the Madrid leg of our Agile Data Infrastructure (ADI) event series. It was an amazingly productive week. Both events were excellent. But I’m not going to bore you with how good they were – instead I’m going to focus on 2 (it’s always 2!) things that really frustrated me last week…….



1) The Tensabarrier – get them in Room 101!

Not sure what a tensabarrier is? – see here. Or let me describe them. They are the most stupid, pointless things in the world! Less useful even than Tape storage systems.  As far as I can tell, all they do is stop you getting from where you are to where you want to be. That’s it. My work week would have been 10% shorter without them!


2) Can you really run SAP on NetApp?

I get asked this question a lot on my travels.  Let me be blunt – this is an IRRELEVANT question. That was answered around 1999. Yet I get asked all the time. Apologies if you asked it last week and I was a bit grumpy - I’d probably been through one too many tensabarriers.


SAP & NetApp – 10+ years of strategic partnership

Other than asking you to join me in ignoring those tensabarriers, there’s not much I can do about them. But I can help with the SAP question, by explaining our 10+ year strategic partnership with SAP. And why we’re announcing an expansion of it today.


Madrid ADI summit panel with SAP.jpgMoti Landes at Madrid ADI event.jpgMore than 70% of Fortune 2000 customers rely on SAP’s comprehensive solutions to support and optimise their operations. Many of these companies choose to run them with NetApp storage and data management. But, the best example I know of is SAP themselves running NetApp. We were honoured to have Bernd Himmelsbach, VP Infrastructure Management, SAP Cloud present his view of the strategic partnership at the Madrid ADI event. He explained how the relationship with NetApp started with a 5TB system in 2000, to more than 30PB across 320 storage systems today. Running everything from SAP Cloud, Development databases, Portal, CRM on Demand, VMware, OpenText to archiving and customer proofs of concept. They use most NetApp technologies today, run them in production and in several cases helped develop them. For the more technical among you, most applications run on NFS for fast provisioning, ease of management and efficient data handling. Another demonstration of the strength of the partnership in EMEA are the regular SAP on NetApp summit events we run together – please get in touch if you’re interested in attending the next series, focusing on SAP HANA® on NetApp.



The News: An expanded partnership

Today, SAP & NetApp are announcing a deeper strategic partnership to integrate NetApp storage even further with next-generation database, analytics and application solutions from SAP. The expanded partnership includes the SAP HANA® platform and SAP NetWeaver® Landscape Virtualization Management software together with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP and FlexPod. Mature solutions are already available together with Cisco, Fujitsu, VMware and other joint partners. Working together we are already able to bring new levels of agility and efficiency to the data infrastructure for SAP environments. With this partnership announcement, you can expect this innovation to continue for many years to come. For more information, visit the SAP Newsroom .


So, I hope you’ll agree – SAP really runs quite well on NetApp. And that both companies are only investing more in the relationship and solutions. I’m going to wrap a tensabarrier around the next person that asks me if it’s possible to run SAP on NetApp!


NetApp diamond sponsorship keynote.jpgYepNetApp at Canning Town tube.jpgWith Dean Wardrope at The Bernabey Stadium ADI event venue.jpg



*Thanks to a C&W RFP when I worked at Nortel, I did once do 25 hours work in a single day - maybe I’ll buy you a beer if you can work out how?


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