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Not surprisingly, VMworld Europe 2012 has turned out to be bigger and more impressive than ever – more than 8000 attendees, 2000 partners, 180 sponsors including ourselves at NetApp. Thought I’d share my view of Day 1 with a few pictures……including me on that Jumbotron!

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10 ExpressPod.jpg11 ExpressPod Banz.jpg


Day 2 preview: ExpressPod from Cisco & NetApp


The exciting news for Day 2 of VMworld Europe is that NetApp and Cisco will this morning announce several new joint solutions at the show.


NEW ExpressPod: a new infrastructure solution for small and midsize businesses.

Together, Cisco and NetApp have now shipped more than 400 FlexPods (a pre-validated Private Cloud solution for mid to large Enterprises) in Europe, with more than 1300 sold to date worldwide. Today, we are announcing a new strategy for small to midsize organisations looking to virtualise their networking, storage and compute in a similar way. The new solution is ExpressPod from Cisco and NetApp.  A pre-packaged and tested private cloud solution available exclusively from joint NetApp and Cisco partners.


NEW FlexPod solutions for vSphere and Oracle

Today we will also offer the first FlexPod validated design including NetApp’s revolutionary Data ONTAP 8 Cluster-mode software: VMware vSphere on FlexPod with Cluster-mode. Helping customers move faster towards an agile data infrastructure as part of their virtualisation and cloud strategy. Also today we can offer support for Oracle RAC on FlexPod validated with VMware.


Going to be a busy day………….please do come to the NetApp booth and say hello if you’re here. And get your picture on that Jumbotron - there are plenty of prizes to be won! I’ll also be presenting at the Cisco booth on Thursday if you’re still here (& awake) then.


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