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Eton Dorney.jpgThe past 2 weeks in the UK have been amazing. Virtually all my ‘non-work’ time has been spent viewing, listening, discussing and watching the London Olympics. Last week I had the privilege of going to see Olympic rowing at Eton Dorney for the first (and probably last) time. And over the weekend we, along with billions of others, watched a very special night when Team GB won 3 gold medals in 40mins.


From an IT point of view London 2012 has been equally fascinating. Think about the amount of new content created during that 40 minutes of UK sporting history alone. The Olympic games is the biggest single event on earth. Making London 2012 surely the most digitally connected event ever. Much has been written already on the IT infrastructure behind the Olympics, I found the following links interesting:

London 2012 NetApp infographic.jpg


Estimating the amount of new content created is an impossible task but it is fair to say that almost every person in every stadium has a digital video camera or phone with them. Meaning tens of thousands of new digital images are created every hour.  Compared with the Beijing Olympics, the content will be higher resolution and much of it will have been uploaded to social media sites and extensively shared. For many of us managing the content we create like this in our personal lives is a real issue. How do we protect it ? How do we access it from anywhere ? How do we ensure it is kept secure ? The same challenge applies to organisations who are generating petabytes of net new content on a daily basis. Creating, managing, storing, protecting and accessing content has a direct bearing on their competitiveness and decision making, underpinning the promise that Big Data processing brings.


To help customers better address these challenges, NetApp today announced the release of our new intelligent Distributed Content Repository (DCR) solution based on a combination of StorageGrid 9.0 & E-series. The first commercial Big Data technology to support CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface), an open standard pioneered by SNIA and supported by many large vendors. CDMI lets customers tag data with special metadata that tells the DCR storage what data services to provide to the content. While this won’t help you manage your personal content, it is designed to help organisations to manage huge content growth, cut costs and improve the sharing of corporate content and information. With CDMI, organisations are free to move data from cloud to cloud without the pain of dealing with different processes, methods and interfaces or ‘closed stack solutions’ which lock you in to proprietary technology.


For more information see my colleague Ingo’s blog here. Or maybe read it next week. There are still 4 more days of London 2012 to go……….



Join NetApp at IP Expo, London during October to hear more how we are Architecting the Future of Big Data in the Big Data Theatre.


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