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john rollason

FlexPod. Succeeding fast is better.

Posted by john rollason in JR's IT Pad on Apr 10, 2012 5:03:53 AM

Nobody sets out to fail. Maybe apart from Olympic ski jumper Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, who was famous [at least in the late 80’s in the UK] for simply taking part – the first competitor to represent Great Britain in the Olympic ‘throwing yourself off a stupidly large and slippery hill’ event. In business, we need to innovate & we’re encouraged to ‘fail fast’ if things aren’t working out as we’d hoped. Failing fast is good. The faster you accept failure, the faster you can change strategy in the hope of success next time.

But, succeeding fast is obviously preferable. The faster the better. If your strategy works, then why change it? Which brings me on to Private IT Clouds and FlexPod.


FlexPod private cloud – latest numbers

Private IT Clouds are increasingly seen as the best way for IT departments to meet ever increasing business demands and associated data growth. FlexPod is a joint Private Cloud infrastructure solution from Cisco & NetApp, exclusively available through our joint partners. Since launching in November 2010, it has been bought by more than 850 customers across 33 countries (21 of those in Europe, Middle East and Africa). We’ve seen an amazing 400% growth in business over the last 9 months. And now have more than 500 partners ready and able to build FlexPod solutions.


Customers like Egger based in St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria. They have around 6,500 staff worldwide and run their 2000 concurrent user SAP environment on FlexPod. To quote their Data Centre manager, Matthais Haidekker, who I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with at Cisco Live Europe a few months ago: “FlexPod truly enables a service-oriented IT model. We can quickly meet new business requirements and serve all our users – whatever data they need


Great things now come in small packages

Today, we are announcing a new FlexPod solution to allow smaller organisations to benefit from arguably the industries most advanced and successful integrated Private Cloud solution. Built using the same architecture (Cisco Unified Compute, Nexus switching and NetApp FAS storage), and with the same co-operative support model in place, this new design is targeted at organisations with around 500-1000 IT users or smaller workloads in larger organisations.

Ever since FlexPod  was launched, there have been calls from the joint NetApp and Cisco partners who sell it for a smaller version. For mid-sized organisations that require a private cloud and want the flexibility, efficiency and pre-integration that FlexPod offers. But found the existing designs too big for their needs. Well from May they can. The clever thing is that it's based on the same Unified architecture as all the other FlexPods, so you can expand it easily if your business takes off. As opposed to throwing it away and buying another 'Block' or single application solution or ‘integrated’ set of re-branded acquisitions……..


We’re also announcing additional validated management solutions today including CA, Cloupia & Gale Technologies. There is also the option of management via CIAC (Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud) and other tools via open API's. And watch out next week for more FlexPod news.


If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

A new strategy for the same market has to mean the existing one isn’t working. Thankfully, appears customers and partners like the FlexPod strategy. Expanding it hopefully will bring them and us many new opportunities to succeed. Fast.


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