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It’s been a year since I started this blog. Which means almost a year since my 2nd post, a set of predictions for 2011. How did I get on ?


Unified Storage is NOT new

There were indeed many announcements of ‘new’ Unified Storage products. Virtually all were older products with added storage protocols and/or re-packaging of current products. To learn more about truly Unified storage, see here.

One thing I didn’t predict was the momentum that would build around Big Data. Thankfully NetApp more broadly did, with the acquisition of Engenio early in the year. Whilst causing some early confusion in positioning relative to our core Unified Architecture, I’m now seeing better understanding of the acquisition, being required [along with Data ONTAP] to support our Big Data ‘ABC’ strategy (Analytics, Bandwidth, Content).



Cloud continues to be THE hot topic in IT. The change this year was more understanding of the differences in delivery models (Consumer vs Enterprise; Public vs Private; Service Level Agreements, etc.). And many new Cloud services coming to market. For a list of those built on NetApp, see here.



More than anything else, the buzz around VMworld Europe proved the ever increasing potential of virtualised infrastructure. If SAP are now virtualising 85% of their new server deployments, then so should everyone else. On Virtual Desktops, there were quite a few big projects, but more of a hot topic for 2012 I think.


Integrated systems

Can’t comment for the whole industry, but for NetApp [& Cisco], I seemed to get this one right. Evidence? FlexPod !!!

When I started blogging, FlexPod had just been launched and we hadn’t really sold any. After just a year,  we have more than 450 customers globally with around 150 in EMEA. And 132 joint partners certified to sell. Read more on the 1 year anniversary of FlexPod. Top workloads in EMEA include SAP and Virtual Desktops.

For me personally, I ended up writing about FlexPod more than anything else:

Other highlights I didn't get time to write about include FlexPod at Cisco Expo South Africa with Bytes Technology, and a joint Private Cloud Executive Summit with Cisco & VMware in Zurich.

Zurich summit 2011.jpg

FlexPod in SA.jpg

A selection of new customers & links to stories for FlexPod in EMEA:


Storage and data management gets noticed

Well, sort of. I still think Data is like Marmite – you see the potential or you don’t. The interest in ‘Big Data’ certainly helped. As well as continued predictions of ever increasing Data growth and the cost impact – I’m expecting even more interest in ‘Data Centre Fitness’ in 2012.

More widely, the impact of Information storage on the world seemed profound in 2011 – who would have predicted what became known as the Arab Spring. And a leading newspaper closing in the UK. Maybe better data analysis could have helped reduce the impact of the Japan earthquake and our current Eurozone financial crisis?


.....and on blogging

It’s been hard to find the time in between the 3.7million e-mails I get a day (not an accurate figure), but for some reason a few folk seem to have read it (10,725 views so far – an accurate figure).

So, despite an overwhelming urge to concentrate on the pub, that’s enough for me to carry on and see how I get on in 2012.


Happy New IT Year for 2012.


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