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Wow, Grace and then Trent have been hounding me for at least two months about this post - I'm so sorry!  Things got so busy before Christmas shutdown, then afterwards I took some vacation to watch a certain college football game in a certain tropical location that will no longer be discussed, so I'm still catching up!


A lot of time has passed since my last post so I'm not quite sure where to begin.  I'm getting a new manager, so that is both scary and exciting.  My current manager honestly has three roles, and we're finally splitting it up so he'll keep two and a new director will get one, the controllership (my team).   So part of me is nervous in needing to adapt to a new standard, new likes, new dislikes, etc., but part of me also views this as an amazing opportunity to help shape the growth of the controllership organization as we'll finally be recognized as our own unit. 


From an NCG side, a bunch of us took an awesome trip to Vegas over Martin Luther King weekend. We crammed 12 people into a suite at the Venetian and had an awesome time.  Yours truly had quite the run at the craps table, but a big thanks to the 49ers and the Ravens (I'm a Pats fan expecting a close game so I took them with the points, what can I say??) for making it a weekend in the black for most.


Onto the work side, I've been working hard - there have been a few weeks that crossed the 60 hour mark - but for the most part the people, the cafeteria, and the challenging nature of the work have made that nowhere near as difficult as it sounds. NetApp really does a great job of setting you up for success and then letting you go for it - a lot of what I've been given is either self-starting or self-determining.  Often I'm given access to data and a request for what type of information people want to know about the business, and then it's up to me to find, analyze, and present the data in a way that adds value in discussions from the Director Level all the way up to the C-Level.  In fact with my Dutch colleague I have been recently working on a project for our VP's quarterly presentation to the Executive Staff! How many new college grads across all industries can say they worked on a presentation that ended up in front of the CEO & CFO of Fortune 500 companies?  It definitely keeps you going through the day!


From a personal side, I'm happy that the NHL season has started as I can now capitalize on my season tickets to the Sharks!  We're 5-0 hopefully on our way to 6-0 as we speak (I'm writing during the intermissions at HP - that's how much Trent is on me).   Also, I was just selected to officiate the California Amateur Hockey Association Tier II tournament in Simi Valley March 15-17 and my (outgoing) manager approved me taking that Friday off.  It's a huge honor as a new official to the area to be selected to the tournament that will choose California's 4 representatives for the USA Hockey Tier II National Tournament in April, USA Hockey's tournament for the best teams competing at the state level.  For those of you keeping score at home, these are the AA teams, and last year I did the Tier I's (AAA) at Nationals in Buffalo, NY (USA Hockey's tournament for the best teams that play a national schedule) representing the Mid-American District (Indiana). 


So all in all things have been going pretty well for me, if not a bit overcrowded from a schedule perspective.  Q4 is upon us as well, which means things are only going to get more interesting from a sales and finance perspective, but that's what I'm here for!  I'm looking forward to the challenge. 


Oh, and here's the confession - Manti Te'o is still #1 in my heart. 





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