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Settling in to new digs

Posted by peterl in GetVirtical on Apr 11, 2010 11:59:37 PM


People who know me will know this, but the name of this blog is not misspelled.  Besides my family and friends, the two things I'm truly passionate about are virtualization (mainly VMware) on NetApp and jumping out of planes (which a high school friend once referred to as the 3000m vertical gravity dash).  So, after thinking about it for at least 12 seconds, I came up with what I thought was a fairly obvious combination of the two.  After spending hours casting about for better ideas, I realized that as with multiple-guess tests, first impulse is often best.


Like my bio says, I've been at this for a while.  Here's a quick timeline of the two:

1987 - Started with Unisys as an instructor

1990 - First jump, over Baden-Sollingen, Germany

1998 - 1000th skydive - a demo into the Pebble Beach Golf Course

1998 - Became a tandem and AFF (Accelerated Freefall) instructor

2000 - (April) Started with NetApp

2000 - (May) Became "Titaniumlegs"

2001 - 2000th skydive!

2004 - Touched VMware Workstation for the first time

2005 - Took the Virtual Infrastructure w/ ESX Server & VirtualCenter class

2007 - VCP3

2007 - Presented IP43 @ VMworld 2007 with Kim Weller and Bud James

2008 - Presented TA2784 @ VMworld 2008 with Larry Touchette and Paul Manning

2009 - VCP4 (In beta!)

2009 - Presented TA2955 @ VMworld 2009

2010 - Still at it!


I'm author, co-author or contributor on a few NetApp technical reports and best practices including:

TR3428- Network Appliance and VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Storage Best Practices

TR3747 - Best Practices for File System Alignment in Virtual Environments

TR3749- NetApp and VMware vSphere Storage Best Practices (You can now buy this on Lulu!!)

TR3777 - VMware Infrastructure 3 on NetApp Rapid Deployment Guide (Internal and partners only, but customers can ask their reseller, who can probably hook you up!)


I had a big role, especially in 2009, in making all the NetApp equipment sing and dance for hands-on labs at VMworld 2006-2009.  In fact, the Self-Paced Labs at VMworld 2009 were run almost exclusively on NetApp FAS3140 and FAS3170.  If you look closely at this video produced by the VMworld team, you can see the LEDs of the FAS3100 series at the top of the first 4 racks.  You can get a much better look as we're staging it at the GETO lab in this video.


My other blog, on Blogger, only ever had one useful post, due to other things like, oh, my day job!  Now that this blog is on the NetApp blog site, I can argue that this is part of my job!  ;-)  I'll probably pull the cloned boot LUNs post over here at some point too, and see if I can make some of the layout work better.


You'll also see me in various places, including the VMware communities and, posting as titaniumlegs, a reference to the rods in my femurs as a result of a landing accident.  I won't post pictures of that here, but they are out there on other sites.


The core of my day job is Technical Marketing Engineer for VMware solutions.  In that role I cover a lot of things from supporting our field guys, to working with VMware and other partners on many things.  The big thing right now is vStorage, and you'll see more on that when the next major release of VMware ships later this year.

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