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As CiscoLive 2013 comes to a close all I can say is what a show ! I don't think I have attended such a

comprehensive event in all my career in IT,  and let me tell you that is a long time.


The scale of the event is truly unbelievable with sessions on everything from obscure networking protocols

to courses on IT management, and everything in between.


For those of you who followed me here from my previous blog I promise to drop the meteorological references

this time, but the temptation is still there !



But I did want to carry on where we left off and give you some insight on The ANS / DeVere Group session

at Cisco Live. It's been a busy couple of weeks as Andy Barrow, ANSGroup, Technical Director, and I have

been involved in several new activities, the most scary of which was the Live Register Broadcast on the

25th Jan. I say scary because doing interviews live to camera, especially to the El Reg. audience is always

a challenge.


Please judge for yourself, below is the link to the video, so hopefully some useful insight on real world

experiences from customers and partners who have made the journey to cloud.


And the presentation is here:


Once again Andy and I took the stage at CiscoLive. Andy described how DeVere  had grown

through acquisition and the challenges this presented. Many organisations find themselves in this situation,

following multiple acquisitions, and having lived through (and survived !)  a couple of acquisitions myself I can

safely say the the integration of different incompatible IT systems can be a big headache.

DeVere found exactly that, inheriting legacy technology with all the additional complexity and support issues.

Storage capacity management was a nightmare and systems could not be relied upon to support core

applications, while costs were increasingly becoming unpredictable.



The DeVere Group took time to weigh up the options and then made the decision to work with NetApp

partner ANS Group moving their entire operation to a 'Infrastructure 3.0 in the Cloud' Managed Cloud

Service from ANS Group. Infrastructure 3.0 (i3) makes extensive use of FlexPod Converged Infrastructure

for the Cloud consisting of Certified Validated Designs using Cisco UCS Servers, Cisco Nexus switches

and NetApp FAS storage.


The out come of the migration to i3 and FlexPod resulted in immediate benefits, such as the reduction

in data centre rack space, from 18 to just 3, with the additional benefits of the reduction in power and cooling.

From an operational point of view i3 made a huge and immediate impact and ANS were to offer

SLA's that guaranteed availability using NetApp SnapShot technology and VMware's Site Recovery Manager. 

The most important benefit the transition delivered was the ability to respond almost instantly to changing business

needs allowing DeVere to focus on their core business - hospitality.

If you want to find out more about FlexPod one easy way is to download the FlexPod App from the iTunes

Appstore. There you will find all the links to the CVD's, experience and case studies.


For those of you at CiscoLive please drop by and visit NetApp on stand D1, there you can see and hear

about FlexPod from our technical gurus.


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