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Store Smart, Scale Smart, Work Smart

Posted by valb in Exposed on Nov 8, 2011 6:34:05 AM

Democratizing advanced storage and data management has always been a core mission at NetApp.  Unlike all the competition, NetApp's truly Unified Storage solutions provide the same functionality across our entire Entry-Level, Mid-Range and High-End product spectrum.  That's why we're so excited to introduce our new & improved Entry-Level family today - whose models all support the Data ONTAP 8 family and can therefore scale from small to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL.

New Entry Product Family.png


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Start Right

NetApp's Entry-Level systems let you be smart with your limited budget.  Our shrink-to-fit systems let you buy only what you need while still acquiring enterprise-class quality, functionality & performance.  NetApp's industry-leading complete Storage Efficiency Portfolio enables you to save 50% of your storage capacity - guaranteed!  Our advanced technology helps you avoid common storage compromises between performance, functionality and efficiency.  Finally, our "set it and forget it integrated data protection" features will cure your backup and disaster recovery headaches.

Start Right - Max Storage Efficiency.png

Keep it Simple

"The Ultimate Sophistication" as Leonardo Da Vinci was fond of saying is Simplicity.  NetApp has a long-established brand association with simple storage, which is a challenging expectation to match as infrastructure options around storage become increasingly complex.  We spend a lot of time analyzing common storage and application admin workflows to let you be smart about how you manage your IT infrastructure - thereby freeing your people to work on higher-value strategic projects.  Use your staff’s expertise for the extraordinary.  Let your storage automate the routine.


Right from out of the box, our newest storage systems let  customers automate & simplify all work flows (install, provision, manage, protect).  Once installed and configured, NetApp enables management from your console of choice using native plug-ins that are tightly integrated with all major virtualization and application partners.


Do more with a single Unified Storage product than you can with multiple point products from the competition.  Do in minutes what used to take hours.


Keep it Simple (Management).png

Grow Smart

Grow your business without ever outgrowing your storage.  Your investment is protected with our scalable Unified portfolio because Data ONTAP 8 takes investment protection to a whole new level.  With this innovative scale-out technology, NetApp helps our customers protect storage investments by scaling granularly on demand and/or turning on new capabilities as business needs change - all without forcing data migration between systems.


Say goodbye to forklift upgrades.  No data migration, no rip and replace.  Focus on business innovation, not systems maintenance.

Grow Smart - Investment Protection.png

Bringing it all together

Customers who prefer Best-of-Breed infrastructure solutions today are tired of becoming their own Systems Integrators.  NetApp is proud to announce that we've collaborated with our strategic partner Cisco to introduce the most attractive feature of all in this difficult economic climate - a new floor for pricing of pre-validated, integrated infrastructure!  Smart Storage is indeed built on NetApp.


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