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HPC Comes to Enterprise IT

Posted by valb in Exposed on Nov 2, 2011 1:24:49 AM

There was a time when more than a million storage I/O operations per system was automatically associated with High Performance Computing applications.  Now, the current era of massive Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Big Data is changing all that.  Scale is now the most valuable infrastructure attribute.  NetApp's formal announcement this morning of our world-record SPECsfs2008 results heralds the arrival of HPC storage systems which satisfy stringent Enterprise IT requirements.


Performance is merely the Ante

Without diminishing the awesome work of our performance engineers (whose results are covered, debated and defended thoroughly on Dimitris's blog), it's important to acknowledge that most Enterprise IT departments are driven by more acute operational requirements, financial concerns and business initiatives or opportunities.


Service providers of Shared Virtual Infrastructure or Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds determine their value, pricing and profit primarily by their availability.  Related applications are now routinely built on multiple layers of networks, platforms and servers - with storage providing the foundation for it all.  Operational realities today dictate zero downtime at this critical foundational layer, while Financial pressures dictate economies of scale to rapidly amortize the massive associated CapEx.  All of this is driven by Business initiatives to streamline operations, increase revenue and enter new markets.


As we move into the 2nd decade of the 21st century, Enterprises are demanding more from their technology investments and looking for innovation in the integration of all the requirements above.  Enter the Data ONTAP 8 family.


Delivering Business-driven Storage Innovation

This latest NetApp benchmark result comes on the heels of last month's release of the latest version of our Data ONTAP 8 family (8.1RC1) to our customers and partners. (often confused as a Stealth Launch by some industry observers)  This high-performance, scalable, robust storage operating system is finally growing beyond it's well-established HPC roots and is now laser-focused on mainstream business IT requirements.  That means broad partner ecosystem integration, Virtual Storage Tiering and the full Storage Efficiency portfolio along with complete support for Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy is now available at massive scale for the first time in Enterprise Storage history.


Your Turn

The same industry observer now declares:


  • "NetApp couldn't have a better launchpad from which to impress upon potential ONTAP 8.1 customers that it has finally integrated the Spinnaker technology into ONTAP with sparkling results. Cluster mode works."


With high performance, massive scalability and full functionality, the newest version of the Data ONTAP 8 family is NetApp's re-imagining of Enterprise Storage.  How will you take advantage of that in your organization?


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