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Fine Wine and Marketeering

Posted by valb in Exposed on Aug 1, 2010 8:12:19 PM

(This is a guest blog, by John Fullbright of NetApp aka PowerShell for Data ONTAP Wizard)


It's my birthday today.


My wife gave me a very nice bottle of wine for my birthday.  It was a 2005 Robert Foley “Napa” Merlot.  As I sat sipping the wine, I started thinking about all the FUD and marketing gimmicks we've been witnessing of late.  Then I started compiling a list.  Then I thought; what good would another whiny he said/she said blog do?


As I continued to sip the merlot, the light bulb inside my head lit up.  What if I reviewed each morsel of marketeering just as I would a wine?  Then I started going through them sampling one after another, checking the bouquet, taking a taste, and savoring the ethereal flavors so that I may learn to appreciate the nuances of each and every one.  There were far too many to list in any single blog, however I have included what I consider the “highlights”.


2006 Vin Fouetter de Fragmente Reserve – A seasonal Hopkinton favorite, it’s well past its prime.  Acidic, over-oxidized, and easily disproved ; yet it continues to attract small cult followings in Palo Alto and Round Rock.


2008 Vino Alzare la Bandiera Rossa– This wine's bouquet is bold and brazen; great for hand waving and toasts.  Tends to fight with your steak for attention.


2008 Wein der Unentwirrbar Lagerung– Even the dullest palate can discern the ever more complex cacophony of conflicting flavors in this thick and heavy potion.  You’ll spend many a dark and stormy night up with this laboratory creation.


2010 Vin Le non Transparance– This wine is rife with conflicting flavors, and much more than mere a hint of hypocrisy.  It’s just the thing for loosening up the bowels in the wee small hours of the morning.  Goes well with Crow.


2010 Cuvee du Sleaze Guarantee– Introduced long after other vineyards’ superior offerings, this acidic and much hyped wine has been made from some very sour grapes indeed.  Best served with chips and a side helping of Estrada. 


2010 Vin du Pays Forcliques– With an inexplicably large following for such an ordinary wine, it has a reputation for going well with spam.


2010 Vin du non Demurrage– This chameleon blend appeared briefly, then was quickly and silently pulled from the market.  It needs more time in the cellar, but will it be worth the wait…


Well, it didn’t quite turn out to be what I had envisioned.  One thing I did learn for sure; drinking and blogging, and marketeering for that matter, don’t mix.  Perhaps it’d best for all of us to stick with the Kool-Aid.



John Fullbright


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