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NetApp Flash Cache – FIRST, FAST or LAST?

Posted by valb in Exposed on Apr 4, 2010 10:05:20 PM

The best tax is the one you never have to pay.  The best disease is the one you never contract.  The best storage tier is one that doesn’t exist.  Of course ultimately, we have to pay taxes, disease is a part of sustainable planetary life and storage tiers help introduce more options to the market.  Yet once we absorb their full impact, there’s little argument we’d all be better off with less of each!

Much has been made of storage tiering lately, matching the ill-advised ILM hype of a few years ago.  For some reason, a certain segment of the storage community feels that data is restless, like playful kittens chasing a thread.  In fact, mere mention of application-transparent (i.e. unaware) policy-based data movement in the storage stack illicits catnip-like reactions among this group A simple matter of perspective helps establish that NetApp Flash Cache (formerly PAM II), FlexCache (System or DataCenter-level Acceleration) & FlexShare (QoS) represent a better way optimize performance AND efficiency.


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