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EMC Centera Customers - Consider Your Whistle Blown

Posted by valb in Exposed on Jan 26, 2009 9:36:32 PM

LOST is one of my favorite TV shows, but it is a work of fiction. Reality can be much harsher.

If you left your coat with the coat check service at a restaurant or theater, you would naturally expect to get it back upon producing the claim ticket. How upset would you be if the restaurant or theater lost your coat in this scenario? What are your legal options or reimbursement expectations in that case?

Now what if this same scenario involves your car left with a valet parking attendant? The stakes just got much higher. But it doesn't stop there. These metaphors can sadly escalate into nightmarish proportions when dealing with corporate data worth billions of dollars - or in the most extreme cases - patient data which of course is priceless.



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