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How many products have you ever bought that came with spare parts to fix failures that were bound to occur?  And by the way - why would anyone ever buy a product that was expected to fail?  I can think of only 2 products that fit this category, although there are surely others.


1) I am pretty sure every new car or truck ever sold had a spare tire strapped to it somewhere


2) I distinctly remember buying a vacuum cleaner once that came with some spare drive belts


Oh wait, there is a third product.  Data storage systems.  Its spare parts are hidden in the drive shelves.  Well OK not so much hidden - they are called spare drives.


An unfortunate reality of disk drives is that disk drives fail, and you best be prepared to cope with failure if you are an enterprise storage admin.


This is the concept of our latest chapter - disk drive protection of the past, present, and future.  One of the things you'll learn in this chapter is how yours truly nearly became a human lightning rod one day many years ago - when disk drives breathed fire and were not for the faint of heart.


Hope you enjoy reading this chapter and keep those comments coming!




Update - March 30, 2010. The review period for my book has concluded, and manuscript chapters have been removed from my blog.  "Evolution of the Storage Brain" eBook for the Kindle is available at the Kindle store here.  eBooks for Sony and Apple eBook readers are available at here.  A printed version will be available on in May.  I would like to thank everyone who contributed comments during the creation of this book.


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