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On this post, I would like to introduce and explain a little bit about Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)


ASM is a powerful and portable storage manager designed to manage Oracle® Database 10g and 11g database files. ASM simplifies storage management so that DBA's worry less about Oracle Database file layout and management . ASM delivers lower total cost of ownership while increasing storage utilization, all without compromising performance or availability. With ASM, a fraction of the time is needed to manage your database files.

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Some important ASM key features are:

· Volume Management
· Database File System with performance of RAW I/O
· Supports clustering (RAC) and single instance
· Automatic data distribution
· Online add/drop/resize disk with automated data relocation
· Automatic file management
· Flexible mirror protection

Basically, ASM is a storage manager designed to manage Oracle Database files with Volume Manager (1MB/128KB striping, Flexible mirroring and Online disk reconfigurations and automatic rebalancing), File System (Even data distribution with optimal performance) and Automatic file management using Oracle Managed Files (OMF).

ASM views:

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The combined capabilities of Oracle ASM and NetApp

are a unique and powerful automated database management solution that simplifies and optimizes performance, utilization and data protection for Oracle Databases using a perfect combination between NetApp and Oracle - Net(App)O(racle) Technologies

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In my next post I will explain about installation and configuration of ASM.

All the best


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