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Geoffrey Moore on CDMI

Posted by dslik in Objects in Context on Oct 16, 2012 2:26:20 PM

As part of the SNIA press release on CDMI becoming an ISO standard, we were able to secure quite a few industry and analyst endorsements.


One that I would like to highlight is from Geoffrey Moore, quote:


“SNIA’s Cloud Data Management Standard CDMI is playing two key roles in the storage industry. It tackles the complex data stores surrounding multiple decades of systems of record, streamlining their management and making them more amenable to cloud environments. At the same time, CDMI looks forward to next–generation systems of engagement, whose data store requirements are orders of magnitude larger than conventional systems but need much simpler interfaces. As more and more enterprises find themselves committed to both architectures, appreciation and support for CDMI can only grow.”


This succinctly describes what excites me about CDMI, as the style of distributed web-scale systems that we are starting to see emerge will become the foundation for the next generation of enterprise applications.


This is only the beginning.


David Slik

Technical Director, Object Storage

NetApp, Inc.


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