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By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing

OnCommand® Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP® 6.0RC1 is now available for download on the NetApp Support site. Back in early July, I posted a few sneak previews on Unified Manager 6.0, talking about how it monitors the health of your clustered Data ONTAP storage. I already talked about availability and capacity in my previous posts, and the third component is data protection—so let’s dive in. 


Unified Manager 6.0 monitors and provides alerts for NetApp® SnapMirror® and SnapVault ® environments to help you better manage your data protection relationships.  If you’re not familiar with SnapVault, it provides reliable, low-overhead disk-to-disk (D2D) backup through block-level incremental replication and NetApp Snapshot™ copies.

This Unified Manager screenshot shows you the topology view of your data protection relationships, and in this particular instance you can see a data protection relationship in which SnapMirror failed to initialize.  It also displays an overview of related devices that are potentially affected, including Vservers (Virtual Storage Machines), aggregates, volumes in the aggregates, qtrees, NFS exports and LUNs. This makes it easier for you to take action and quickly remedy issues.

Unified Manager 6 0 Protection Topology copy.jpg


Unified Manager 6.0 also supports NetApp SnapProtect® software, and lets you manage certain items in SnapProtect directly. If you’re not familiar with SnapProtect already, it’s a single management console where you can create, catalog, and manage application-aware Snapshot™ copies across disk-to-disk-to-tape processes. SnapProtect also leverages NetApp Data ONTAP storage efficiency technologies such as deduplication, compression, and thin replication. So you’re using less capacity than traditional backups, reducing your storage and administrative costs, and you can restore your data quickly.


If you’re using one of these data protection solutions, or a combination of them in your clustered Data ONTAP environment, try out OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP 6.0RC1 today—no license required!


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