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By Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing

Last week I posted a sneak preview into OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0 and how it monitors storage availability in clustered Data ONTAP environments. As we anticipate the upcoming release, I want to give you another little peak at how OnCommand Unified Manager 6 monitors capacity.


When you log in, you’ll see the dashboard with six panels, three “quick takes” panels, and three detailed panels showing “unresolved incidents and risks”. The top middle panel shows you the health and your capacity, using the color-coding of green, yellow, and red to indicate resource status. It displays information about the capacity of your storage virtual machines (AKA Vservers) and aggregates that are monitored by the Unified Manager 6.0 server. Based on the capacity-related events that are generated, the storage objects are categorized as “healthy”, “at risk”, or “have incidents”.

Unified Manager 6_capacity incidents  panel.jpg

The capacity detail panel displays information about capacity-related issues that can impact or have already impacted data capacity in the storage objects. For example, the area displays information about volumes that have reached full capacity or aggregates that are overcommitted. The three most recent events are displayed by default; however, you can view all the capacity events that have been generated by clicking the “view all” link.


In this screenshot, you can see multiple links in the unresolved risks and incidents section. When the user clicks on the “view all” link, they navigate to an events grid showing all the incidents and risks under capacity, availability, and protection areas. If you click on the “latest” section, you see the latest 3 events with hyperlinks that take you to the respective events details page.


In Unified Manager 6 you can also view details on each cluster, such as health, capacity, configuration, etc. by clicking on a tabbed menu. In the screenshot, you see capacity chart details and an aggregates with capacity issues list.


Unified Manager 6 Tab menu_capacity.jpg

The GUI is designed to be intuitive and help you quickly view details to understand what’s going on in your clustered Data ONTAP environment.








Stay tuned for my next post on Unified Manager 6 covering Unified Manager and data protection.


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