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Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing & Shiva Raja, OnCommand Technical Marketing Engineer


We are pleased to announce the NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0 beta program. OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0 data management software is a release dedicated to support clustered Data ONTAP.

Overview of release highlights:

  • Discover, monitor and alert on health, availability, capacity and protection aspects of clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.x and 8.2 systems
  • A simplified GUI to enhance overall usability
  • A new management server infrastructure, which serves as a foundation for improved availability, scalability, supportability and security.


The key feature set of OnCommand Unified Manager 6.0 includes:

  • Deployed as a VMware vApp
  • Centralized dashboard, highlighting the overall status of all clustered Data ONTAP systems and it’s components (e.g. availability, capacity, protection)
  • Monitor health details of clusters, which includes: Nodes, High Availability (HA) pairs, Disks, Disk Shelves, Ports and Flashcache
  • Monitor health/capacity details of Vservers, Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees, LUNs and NFS exports
  • Monitor SnapVault and SnapMirror relationships (including cascaded and fan-out topologies)
    • API based support for SnapProtect
  • Monitor status and history of non-disruptive volume moves
  • Monitor Content Repository Vservers and manage CR data-policies
  • Event life cycle management (view event details, assign, annotate, acknowledge and resolve events)
    • Guidance of Volume capacity remediation
    • Alert Management (email-notification and SNMP traps)
  • User Management (Create, Edit and Remove)
    • Local users
    • LDAP support
    • Database users


The beta program is open to all NetApp customers and partners. If you’re looking to see what’s on the horizon for NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager data management software, fill out and submit the questionnaire for the beta program today!


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