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You hear a lot about the benefits of a shared virtual infrastructure, but behind the scenes managing those shared resources can be a nightmare. I talked about cloud management in my last two blogs. It’s something that will become more top of mind as many companies evolve from virtualization to a private cloud service delivery model. Winner.JPG


There are many cloud management software products on the market. To toot our own horn for a minute, NetApp Command Insight Balance was announced the winner in the storage management tools category in Storage Magazine's/'s 2011 Products of the Year competition. Read the competition results for yourself.


If you’re not familiar with OnCommand Insight Balance, here are a few reasons why you should check it out for private cloud. OnCommand Insight Balance supports VMware and Hyper-V as well as all major storage vendors. Specifically for private cloud, it will give you: 


·         Transparency, visibility, and performance management of your cloud infrastructure

·         Information that your service levels are being met

·         Planning for performance capacity management

·         Service analytics to measure and balance performance for higher service efficiencies


In a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Study, OnCommand Insight Balance delivered impressive savings:

·         $90,000 - Eliminates the need to purchase additional servers through the optimization of virtual machine densities

·         $66,000 - Reduces troubleshooting time by 8 hours per week


Learn more about NetApp OnCommand Insight Balance. Read the data sheet or download the white paper Enabling the Path to Private Cloud: Service Analytics.

Moving from virtualization to a cloud environment is often done in steps. You can gain incremental benefits along the way. You can start with process automation and self-service, even if some management processes are still done manually behind the scenes. But to eventually gain all of the efficiencies and costs savings that the cloud should provide, you’ll need to implement cloud management and orchestration software.


If you’ve got NetApp storage at the foundation of your cloud, you have an open platform for integrating with cloud management software or in-house management tools with NetApp open management interfaces. Download the cloud management white paper to get an overview.


Check out our partners’ cloud management solutions.


If you want the technical overview, read this TechOnTap article.


When you move from virtualization to a private cloud environment, you are moving from system management to service management. You need to effectively “manage” the services (software as a service, infrastructure as a service, etc.) you are delivering to your users for optimal service delivery, avoiding bottlenecks and downtime, and delivering on your service level agreements.


NetApp OnCommand Management software products provides this ability at the storage layer, and with our open APIs, integrates with leading data center orchestration and automation software to provide an integrated, full-stack cloud management solution.


Forrester Consulting recently published a Total Economic Study based on in-depth customer interviews that took a comprehensive look at the costs and benefits of using NetApp OnCommand Management software products as part of a private cloud solution. The results are hard to ignore: 


  • 235% ROI
  • Payback within 9 months
  • Three-year total net present value (NPV) of $668,558


Get the details. Download the report and check out the results for yourself.

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