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By Pamela Kerman, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, FlexPod  - NetApp


On Wednesday, October 10th, NetApp and Cisco announced an update to the VMware vSphere on FlexPod solution. The solution now includes an optional configuration with Data ONTAP 8 in Cluster-Mode. This does not replace the current 7-mode configuration, but instead expands customer options.


VMware vSphere on FlexPod operating in Data ONTAP 8 in Cluster-Mode is targeted at medium to large enterprise data centers. The additional Cluster-Mode features help customers build an agile data infrastructure to drive growth by adding nodes to their storage cluster by creating large storage pools that span storage devices and can scale almost infinitely. The storage pool resources can be dynamically allocated and securely isolated to support multi-tenancy. NetApp storage clustering also enables nondisruptive data migration of hundreds of virtual machines at a time to facilitate load balancing, system maintenance and device upgrades without interrupting the running applications.




The VMware vSphere on FlexPod Solution operating in Data ONTAP 8 in Cluster-Mode provides these key benefits:

  • Performance-matched stack: Simplifies and accelerates data center transformation with right-sized prevalidated configurations for consistent deployments that eliminate guesswork.
  • Highly scalable architecture. Scales up within each architectural component or out to meet today’s requirements and future growth—from basic virtualization through IT as a service—on a single platform, including the ability to add storage nodes and massively expand single FlexPod storage capacity.
  • Flexible IT for any cloud environment. Simultaneously supports a variety of mixed application workloads and can be optimized for virtual desktop or server infrastructures, secure multi-tenancy, and private or public cloud environments.
  • Adaptable, always-on architecture. Provides high-availability redundancy at server, network, and storage layers to absorb failures without affecting users, and improves service levels by automatically assigning data to optimal storage tiers.
  • Data center efficiency. End-to-end virtualization delivers higher consolidation, boosts utilization across all layers, and allows resource pools, including an entire storage cluster, to be managed as a single dynamic IT asset.
  • Transparent data mobility. Eliminate planned downtime with nondisruptive data migration for load balancing, maintenance and technology refreshes.
  • Investment protection. Standardized and unified platform leverages your existing infrastructure and scales to meet the largest data center requirements without disruption or future architectural changes.
  • Centralized, open management. Tight integration and open APIs reduce administrative cost and complexity by enabling server, network, and storage layers to be managed from a single vCenter console or with existing validated third-party orchestration solutions.


To learn more about the VMware vSphere on FlexPod solution operating in Data ONTAP 8 in Cluster-Mode, visit






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