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Welcome to the Object Storage Developer Resource site. Here you will find the resources you need to build object storage integrations with NetApp's Content Repository solutions and have your questions and challenges resolved by the right people.


Content Repositories are one of the solutions to Big Content challenges. For more on this see the next section.

Big Content Solution Environments

There are three primary solution environments for storing, managing, and retrieving big content:

  • File services. File services are probably the most familiar big content environment to customers today. The NetApp solution for file services addresses the needs for traditional enterprise use cases (such as file shares and home directories) and fast-growing use cases, such as virtualization and applications such as Microsoft® SharePoint® or Oracle® databases. NetApp has decades of experience in providing data infrastructure solutions in this area. These use cases are now expanding into larger data sets with advancements in protocols and technology, namely, NFSv4.x and SMB2.
  • Enterprise content repositories. Enterprise content repositories address new use cases for active archives as datasets grow beyond traditional architectures. Enterprise content repositories can solve the challenges of storing enterprise data at multipetabyte scale, for long periods of time, without losing enterprise-class functionality such as deduplication, compression, data protection, and application integration.
  • Distributed content repositories. Distributed content repositories scale beyond the traditional setup of a limited number of data centers (often a primary data center plus a disaster recovery site) to accommodate environments where organizations have dozens or even hundreds of sites, all storing different subsets of data with varying retention and data protection policies

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File Services

  • Multi-application workloads
  • Non-disruptive operation
  • Integrated data protection, efficiency

Enterprise Content Repository

  • Infinite container
  • Fixed content
  • Non-disruptive operation
  • Integrated data protection, efficiency

Distributed Content Repository

  • Large, multi-site repository
  • Policy based data management
  • Metadata-enabled object storage