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Customer Fitness is a Preventative Care Methodology that coaches customers on how to proactively sustain maximum uptime and preempt disruptions using NetApp's proprietary tools, best practices and training. Watch the Customer Fitness presentationto learn more.

And start your journey to nonstop operations and storage fitness by clicking through each of the six fitness areas above.

Customer Fitness At-A-Glance Customer Fitness Training EssentialsCustomer Fitness Quick Reference Card


Quickly and securely diagnose problems by enabling AutoSupport.

AutoSupport Family Overview*Get the most from your NetApp investment. The AutoSupport family provides unified, predictive technologies for healthier systems and lower support costs.
AutoSupport Quick Start Guide*Maximize system health when you enable AutoSupport and leverage NetApp tools. Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to enable AutoSupport.
AutoSupport Family Playbook*See answers to the most commonly asked and enablement questions encountered during real customer deployments. Understand competitive advantages and more.
Remote Support Diagnostics Tool (RSDT)*Find all the information you need to know about the Remote Support Diagnostics Tool in one centralized site with configuration guides, FAQs, etc.
Better Fitness with AutoSupportThis 5-minute demo walks through the new features in My AutoSupport and shows you how to increase fitness of NetApp storage systems when AutoSupport is enabled.
My AutoSupport 2.1 - What's new*Learn how the Fitness dashboard, clustered ONTAP visualization, upgrade advisor and the new Mobile App can simplify management of NetApp systems anywhere.
Technical Overview of AutoSupport FamilyLearn how to gain from health check recommendations, performance trends and more when you enable AutoSupport and RSDT in this no-cost, interactive training.
My AutoSupport*Bookmark this centralized site for My AutoSupport technical content, tool access, latest release information, FAQs, demos and more.
Config Advisor*Describes the capability of Config Advisor that can be used to perform health check and validates cabling

*Requires login to NetApp Support Site


Eliminate one of the biggest causes of unplanned downtime by using our installation guides and configurations tools.

Systems Installation Workbook (FAS)*This workbook covers the environmental information about NetApp products, helping with computer room planning, detailing what the professional services engineer will need on the day of installation.
E-Series Systems Installation Workbook*This E-Series installation workbook captures the inventory and configuration of the customer environment for NetApp and Partner Professional Services.
Interoperability Matrix Tool*A web-based utility that enables you to search for information about configurations that works with third-party products that meet NetApp’s standards.

*Requires login to NetApp Support Site


Improve the reliability and operational efficiency of your storage systems and software by using AutoSupport in combination with best-practices and proactive support recommendations.

Manage Risks, Efficiency, Install Base and Performance with My AutoSupport and RSDT
MyAutoSupport Interactive Demo*This short demo provides insight into the storage efficiency, health summary, risks analysis, upgrade advisor and performance management.
Enabling AutoSupport*Details the benefits of enabling AutoSupport, the most common configuration options and how to test the configuration once enabled.
How to Decline AutoSupport and Decommission a System*Watch the 2 minute video on how to decline AutoSupport or decommission a system no longer in use for improved systems management.
My AutoSupport 2.1 – What’s new*New My AutoSupport functionality to manage risks, improve efficiencies and, take advantage of the new clustered ONTAP management capabilities.
My AutoSupport Mobile ApplicationUse the new app to search and view your AutoSupport and case information, right from your mobile device.
Install and Configure the RSA*Step-by-step instructions on how to configure the Remote Storage Agent for 7G, 7-Mode and clustered ONTAP.
Visit the NetApp Support Site to Find Answers, Tools and Resources Fast
Customer and Partner Support Site*Find answers to technical questions, talk with a technical expert about your specific issue, collaborate and with peers .
NetApp Support Site: Improved Case FlowIn this short demo, see step-by-step instructions on how to open a technical case, update, view, and add attachments to a case.
NetApp Support Site: Robust Search FeaturesThis short interactive demo walks you through the process, step-by-step on how to use the Support Site search capability.
Collaborate with other Storage Professionals
Customer and Partner Support Community*Collaborate with technical experts, locate the latest resources for support issues, and engage with the technical experts.
My AutoSupport and AutoSupport CommunityConnect with technical experts, find the latest information on AutoSupport, and participate in collaborative discussions.
Simplify the Management of Your Storage Environment
Technical Overview of OnCommand System ManagerAn overview of OnCommand® System Manager, simplifies workflows for managing Data ONTAP® 7-Mode and Cluster-Mode systems.
NetApp OnCommand management Software – Efficient IT -- NetAppLearn more about the NetApp OnCommand portfolio which delivers unified, simplified management of physical and virtual storage environments.

*Requires login to NetApp Support Site


Get the most out of NetApp support offerings with well-defined, understood, and aligned support processes.

Owner's Manual*This guide answers questions about the support features for NetApp equipment and how to work with NetApp Global Support during the life of your storage systems.
NetApp Support Site Customer Reference Guide*Provides detailed instructions for partners and customers to manage their profile, view customized support information and documentation.
Setting Up Your Personal ProfileVideo that outlines the features of the My Support page and how to customize your profile.
NetApp Support Site OverviewVideo that outlines the all features available on the NetApp support site.
Subscribe to Support BulletinsSupport Bulletins allows you to subscribe to urgent and important product information that may affect your product performance or reliability.
Subscribe to Product CommuniquéProduct communiqués will provide you important Software Releases, relevant Product Announcements or End of Availability items.

*Requires login to NetApp Support Site


Improve the delivery of technical support and parts replacement and enable continued access to MyAutoSupport portal by keeping your company profiles complete and accurate.

How to Optimize The Management of NetApp Products on the Support Site*View systems and sites registered for your Company, update the Site hours and dispatch times using the Support Site.

*Requires login to NetApp Support Site


More effectively manage your NetApp solutions by expanding your knowledge and increasing your skill levels with assessment, targeted training, and technical certifications.

Customer Learning Map : Free TrainingOutlines all the free Web based Training courses on NetApp products that are available.
NetApp - Certification - NetApp University - SupportProvides information on certifications that are available on NetApp technologies.
NetApp - NetApp University Learning Partners - NetApp University - SupportIdentifies Authorized Learning Partners globally that are specially selected to deliver course content approved and authorized by NetApp.
NetApp UniversityProvides industry-leading technical training and certification, with options for face-to-face, online, and virtual live training.
NetApp University CommunityForum to allow you to discuss Certification programs.
Introduction to NetApp Products*Learn about the key NetApp products and solutions and how they provide the foundation for shared IT infrastructures.
Data ONTAP 7-Mode Fundamentals*Learn the features/functions of 7-Mode and perform basic system administration tasks to manage and protect data on a NetApp storage system.
Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Fundamentals*Explains the architecture and functionality of a Data ONTAP 8.1 cluster and installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting.
FAS2240 Architecture and Configuration*Describes the details of the FAS2240 system architecture, features and configuration.
FAS3200 and V3200 Series Architecture and Configuration*Describes the details of the FAS/V3200 system architecture, features, and configuration.
FAS6200 and V6200 Series Architecture and Configuration*Describes the details of the FAS/V6200 system architecture, features, and configuration.
SnapMirror Planning and Implementation*Provides advanced training on planning an implementation of SnapMirror in a NetApp storage system.

* NetApp University course and requires a login.

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